PCB Board Repairs

We repair all types of PCB's from household appliances to industrial equipment.

Common PCB Issues

Liquid Damage

Faulty Components

Burned PCB

No Power

Over Heating

Keys or Track Pad Fault

We are one of the leading tech repair shops in the UK to offer PCB board repairs.We can repair boards from a wide range of appliances.We carry out the repairs to component level, saving you the large cost of purchasing a whole new board.

Most Common PCB Board Repairs

  • SMPS PCB Repair
  • Fridge, Freezer PCB Repair
  •  Washing Machine PCB Repair
  • Tumble Dryer PCB Repair
  • Air Conditioning Controller PCB Repair

Click the button below to book a specific PCB Board repair or use the contact form below if your PCB is not listed to send details of the problem and we will send you a estimated cost of repair.

Post Your PCB To Us For A Speedy Repair

All we need you to do is fill out the form, and send your device into our mail-in address below. You will receive a ticket number in your email inbox from us(check spam if it isn’t there!) – include that number in the box so we can match up your shipment to us with your contact information & problem description. 

PCB Board Repair
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