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Extensive Range Of Graphic Cards Repaired

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For all your graphic card repairs we are one of the leading tech repair shops in the UK, and offer graphics card repairs nationwide out of our main repair workshop. Our new and existing customers depend on us because of the reliable solutions we have provided for over 15 years. When it comes to Graphics Card Repairs, at ElectroFixIT we carry out a full diagnostic and inspection of the graphics card to determine the possible cause failure.

On securely packaging your graphic card and posting it to us it arrives at our workshop to be unpacked. At this point it is booked into our ticket system with all your contact details entered, this enables us to keep you informed of the Graphics Card Repairs status. The next stage in the process involves performing a visual inspection of the graphics card, looking for damaged or burned out components. From this inspection we can obtain clues on the possible cause of failure. All Graphic Card Repairs under go this procedure before powering on the card.

Book your graphics card for repair or use the contact form below to send details of problem and we will send you a estimated cost of repair.

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