AMTECH NC-559-V3-TF Flux 10cc



AMTECH NC-559-V3-TF flux has now been renamed to STIRRI-V3-TF. STIRRI-V3-TF is 100% identical to the NC-559-V3-TF but with different labelling and name.

AMTECH NC-559-V3-TF flux is a Universal no-clean tacky solder flux used for all soldering work. Clear residue evaporates with hot air and doesn’t short components.

V3 is the most recent no-clean formulation combining the power of 559-series into a single universal REACH-compliant chemical material with optical UV-tracer and pleasant non-chemical scent. Makes soldering incredibly easy and fun , it is also non-harming to the environment or human health.

Clear residue can be easily removed with hot air, foam swab and basic Solvents, it is also non-corrosive.

Storage and Handling

STIRRI-V3-TF flux should be stored at room temperature (20-25°C). As a result refrigeration is not necessary and will not extend product shelf life.
If the material has been refrigerated – consider 3-4 hours at room temperature to fully normalize.
Syringes and cartridges are best stored vertically with tip pointing down.
Properly stored tacky flux has up to 24-month shelf life, as a result you can hold larger stock.

Safety Notice

This product is designed for a professional audience. The information contained herein is based on technical data that we believe to be reliable and is intended for use by persons having relevant skills at their own risk, all safety data should be read before use.


“No-clean” fluxes are easily removed using a range of Solvents in ultrasonic devices or using commercially available flux residue removers, as a result the PCB looks clean.

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