Laptop Charger Connector Repair



Laptop Charger Connector Repair

Does your laptop no longer charge or the charger plug will no longer fit into the socket ?

This laptop charger connector repair involves removing the faulty charge connector from the motherboard and replacing it with a new connector.We perform a full test making sure the laptop charges as it did from new.

The laptop charger socket can easly be accidently detached from the motherboard,this normally occurs when force is applied in a downward or upward direction. As a result the socket breaks of the motherboard. This causes the solder joints on the mother board to break, causing the socket to become loose and breaking the connection from charger to motherboard.

There are many types of connectors used on the laptops, some being more difficult to replace than others, normally the whole motherboard needs removing to carry out repair. Quite a bit of heat is required to remove the damaged connector.

At ElectroFixIT we carry a large stock of the connectors required to complete this repair.


Connector Types Replaced

  • Jack plug sockets
  • USB Type A
  • USB Type C

Laptop Makes Repaired

  • Lenovo
    • ThinkPad
    • Flex 10
    • IdeaPad Flex
    • Lenovo 3000
    • IdeaPad
    • Legion
    • ThinkBook
    • Yoga
    • Yoga 2 Pro
  • HP
    • EliteBook
    • Envy
    • Pavilion
    • ProBook
    • Essential
  • Dell
  • Macbook


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