Laptop Diagnostics



Laptop diagnostics enables us to determine the exact cause of the laptops issue.On receiving the laptop we will dismantle it and then carry out a full visual inspection. If the visual inspection does not show any signs of faults, we will then carry out fault finding to determine the issue.

On finding the fault we will then inform you of the full cost of the repair including any parts that may be required.If you wish not to commence with the repair there is nothing extra to pay. You only pay for the laptop diagnostics fee and return shipping.

You have the option for us to use the laptop for donor parts, in which case we will refund you the full return shipping cost.


List of Repairs

  • Replace faulty charge connectors
  • Replace faulty USB connectors
  • Replace broken screens including LCD panel and digitizer if fitted
  • Water damage repairs on motherboard and keyboard
  • Repair faulty power components on motherboard
  • Battery Replacement

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