Samsung American Fridge Freezer PCB Repair



Samsung American Fridge Freezer PCB Repair Service reference DA9200530A PCB/Module.

If your Samsung American Fridge Freezer no longer runs cold, or is totally dead when connected to the 240V AC supply then this Samsung American Fridge Freezer PCB Repair will save the cost of buying a new unit.

The original components used on the PCB tend to have a high failure rate. This is possibly because they are under rated or low quality components are used in its manufacture. We use high quality higher rated components on all repairs, thus avoiding future failures and cost.

On replacement of the faulty component the device is then fully tested, making sure there are no other faults. After fully testing the device is shipped back to you using a first class tracked courier service.

The PCB is easy to remove from  the fridge freezer located normally on the top panel. Once you have removed the PCB ship it to us and we aim to repair same day.

Once you have completed the checkout process we will send you an email given you instructions and shipping address to send the unit.

List of Repairs

  • Dead no voltage output.
  • Broken connectors
  • Broken Screw Terminal Blocks
  • Bad solder joints on PCB
  • Faulty capacitors causing intermittent power loss
  • Intermittent Power Loss
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