Gent VCS-PSU-N Repair



Gent VCS-PSU-N repair,  covers the NANO and COMPACT-24-N.

This Gent VCS-PSU-N repair is for the PSU fitted to the Vigilon COMPACT-24 or Nano fire alarm panels.The PSU provides a range of voltage for the panels control board, and one component failure on the PSU can cause the whole panel to become non-functional.

The board has many components and some of these can fail due to voltage spikes or general component aging. The board also has a number of power semiconductors that are prone to failure. We use high quality components on all repairs, thus avoiding future failures and cost.

On replacement of the faulty component the device is then fully tested, making sure there are no other faults. After fully testing the device is shipped back to you using a first class tracked courier service.

The PCB is easy to remove from  the panel, so you only need to send the PSU PCB. Once you have removed the PCB ship it to us and we aim to repair same day.

Once you have completed the checkout process we will send you an email given you instructions and shipping address to send the unit.

List of Repairs

  • Dead no voltage outputs.
  • Broken connectors
  • Broken Screw Terminal Blocks
  • Intermittantly cutting out.
  • Faulty power components
  • Over heating.
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